Update on Norwood Committee

Acknowledgement of Committee members who have recently left the committee:

I have recently returned from overseas and have accepted a position back on the committee due to a number of vacancies that had arisen. My intent is to assist on an interim basis with the continuing running of the club in the lead up to the AGM which is now scheduled for February next year. I will not be standing for the committee at this AGM and would encourage you to become a financial member and consider becoming involved in the club. It is only by the contribution of parents, players and coaches present and past that the club can continue to exist and develop as it should.

I am joined on the Committee by the following people who have also filled Committee vacancies, and who will work on your behalf up until the AGM. Steve Murray (2008 – 2012) and Graeme Long (2005-2012) return to the roles they previously held on Committee with me. Steve Murray as Vice President and Graeme Long as Secretary. In addition Andrew Webber has taken up the Basketball Operations and Sponsorship roles and David Tavian will look after Merchandise and sponsorship support. Scott Hann, Cheryl Chard, Sue Virgili, Sam Ninnes and Kerry Minchin continue in their roles.

In addition, Micah Hann will assist the Committee in the role of Training Venue Coordinator.

We would like to both acknowledge and express our appreciation for the contribution of the following people who have recently left the committee.

Andrew Tindall

Andrew agreed to take on the role of Training Venue Coordinator approx. 6 years ago and has done a great job in one of the most, if not the most significant expenditure area for the club.

Andrew has balanced the demands of venue managers and coaches with skill and patience and his work has made a significant contribution to reducing the cost pressure of court hire and therefore helping the club sustain the club’s financial viability.

We thank Andrew greatly and he will be missed on the committee.

Mary Crouch

Mary has been involved in the club longer than most in a range of capacities from player to coach, committee member in numerous roles to name only a few.

Mary’s capacity for work and willingness to put in can only be admired. In particular in recent times Mary has streamlined and greatly enhanced our communications through the online newsletter and regular online updates. Mary has also played a significant role with our basketball operations liaising with Michael Rogers and coaches which also involved dealing with some challenging issues along the way. Mary ran photo day, merchandise and contributed to other club functions and activities while also coaching, team managing and supporting David Cooper and the U23 Men’s program.

Mary will also be greatly missed and we thank Mary greatly for her contribution.

Fiona Pritchard

Fiona over the years has been a team manager and provided support from Simon and their girls for many years before agreeing to come on the committee a couple of years ago to act as Secretary of the club.

The role of Secretary is critical to the conduct of the club, managing communication in and out, as well as having an understanding of the rules and regulations of the club and Basketball SA. In addition there are agendas and minutes of meetings, clearances and many other tasks.

Fiona did a great job with all of this and we thank her greatly for her contribution.

Stephen Mrowka

Stephen’s focus on sponsorship and grants saw the club’s revenue from these sources increase significantly during his time on the committee. In his role as Vice-President Stephen also took a great interest in the policies and procedures of the club and made a significant contribution in a number of other areas.

Again we thank Stephen greatly for his contribution.


These people are all parents who have taken an interest in their child’s sport and the club and put their hand to help make the club better.

Peter Roberts

Acting President

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