Alcohol & Drugs Policy


This policy covers the personal use of alcohol and other drugs, generally for recreational and social purposes.
It is not intended to cover performance enhancing drugs which are used for entirely different reasons. The policy, entitled “Drugs in Sport Handbook”, relating to the performance enhancing drugs, is available from Australian Sports Drug Agency, phone 1800 020 506.


The Norwood Basketball Club is committed to excellence on and off the playing arena and to the health and well-being of all members – players, officials and supporters. The use of alcohol and other drugs is a major health and social issue in Australian society today. Therefore the Club will attempt at all times to minimise the harm arising from alcohol and other drug use and to promote health by encouraging the moderate and responsible use of alcohol and to discourage the excessive or illicit use of any drug, including alcohol.


Whilst this policy covers specific situations in which alcohol and other drug issues arise, it is important to acknowledge that the policy will only be successful in preventing and minimising alcohol and other drug related problems if a broad, supportive environment for the policy is created. It is particularly important that senior players, officials, parents and supporters provide a good example for younger and developing players by modelling responsible behaviour in terms of personal alcohol and other drug use. This means that all aspects of club life and operation need to be consistent with this policy.

Players under the influence

Players who attend practices or matches under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are a danger to themselves and other players. The danger may be either physical through affected co-ordination or aggression through reduced emotional control.

Therefore any player presenting for a match or practice who in the opinion of the coach or other senior club official is under the influence of alcohol or other drug, will not be permitted to play or train. They could be asked to sit on the bench or be sent home. Reasonable care should be taken to ensure that they can go home safely.

Interstate trips

Interstate trips can be particularly difficult. This is due to the pre-match excitement, the opportunity to be away from normal parental and other controls, the expectation by some players that trips are traditional times for “playing up” and the aftermath of either winning or losing. It is important for coaches, managers and parents to emphasise to players the importance of being ambassadors of the Club. It is important for coaches, managers and parents to ensure a good example. In some cases this may involve suspending normal privileges such as drinking when accompanying under-age teams. A reasonable approach to entertainment and sight-seeing opportunities will allow players to enjoy being interstate and minimise problems on and off the court.

Therefore in terms of alcohol consumption:-

underage players will not be permitted to purchase, to take or to consume alcohol under any circumstance unless otherwise requested by parents, guardians etc. players who are 18 or older will be permitted to consume alcohol as part of any planned celebrations either at a licensed premise or at a private function at the direction of the coach and/or manager and/or parents/s. Due to the de-hydrating effects of alcohol, no player will be allowed to consume alcohol until 30 minutes after the match has finished. Players should be encouraged to drink water and/or sports drinks.

In terms of the use of other drugs:-

no other drugs shall be allowed to be used by any player under any circumstances whatsoever.

Breaches Of The Policy

In the event that a breach of any of the above policies is brought to the attention of the management committee, the committee shall as soon as practicable after the incident/s meet and discuss the breaches. Where necessary, the player/s, parents and where appropriate team/s will be required to attend before members of the management committee to explain their behaviour. The Norwood Management Committee may impose whatever penalties it considers necessary. In all instances, common sense will prevail and all issues such as age of the child/children, parental concern, previous conduct and any other relevant matters will be taken into consideration when assessing the penalty. The primary concerns at all times should be the well being of our player/s along with ensuring that the direction of the club for all players is not jeopardised.

Whilst every effort will be made to enforce this policy, the Norwood Basketball Club Inc. accepts no responsibility for the actions of children outside of the direction provided in this policy.