Fundraising Policy

All fundraising activity must be approved by the Norwood Basketball Club Management Committee prior to the activity taking place.

Guidelines for fundraising activities

1. The activity must be for the purpose of raising funds for team support and is usually to support attendance at carnivals 2. Any fundraising activity that targets the wider club membership may require a % back to the club or any monies raised over and above an agreed target amount will go to the club

3. Any use of the club logo/name must be approved in advance 4. Issues of liability must also be considered (e.g. Bunnings BBQ) especially where sign off is required by a representative of the club as only nominated club officials can sign off agreements/order on behalf of the club 5. Fundraising options must not conflict with club sponsorships or fundraising activities 6. Can the fundraising activity be extended/offered to other teams to maximise the impact? 7. Fundraising activities cannot be conducted at club events/activities/games etc without prior club approval Please also note that merchandise sales are not an approved fundraising activity. All merchandise sales are done by the Club exclusively.

To gain approval:

1. Complete an application form a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the activity, which can be found on the Norwood basketball Club website 2. Email completed application form to [email protected]

If you have any questions about the application form or difficulty meeting the submission timeline please email [email protected]

Once submitted, the Management Committee will review each application against a set of criteria at the monthly Management Committee meeting. The outcome of this review will be communicated to the team contact nominated on the application form within 3 working days of the meeting being held.

You may Appeal against decision in the instance that your activity does not gain approval it will be because it has not met the fundraising guidelines.

If you wish to discuss further please email [email protected] and you will be contacted firstly by a committee member and if required by the Club President.