Team Manager Duties

A Manager’s job is to maintain the general running of a team to free the coach to concentrate on the coaching and training aspects of the team. A Manager should also be a liaison person between team/coach/parents/ information officers and the office administration. Team Mangers work closely with the Coach to bring about a high level of team spirit & camaraderie within the team and with all other members of the Club.

Team Managers’ meetings will be held throughout the Summer and Winter seasons This is a forum to passion any issues that you may have and to gather information to be distributed to the team. You will be notified of these meetings at least 2 weeks in advance

Maintain up to date records & information

  • Regularly distribute material received from the Club to players and parents as appropriate and attending to the administrative tasks as requested by the administration of the Club. The website also provides up-to-date information.
  • Complete a Manager’s Registration Form and return it to the Norwood Office by email ([email protected]).
  • Maintain up to date list of team members including any change of address and phone numbers. Notify the Office by of any changes by email (see above).
  • Retain the completed Medical Form in the Team Manager’s Folder. In case of an emergency this record is to be referred to. Follow up any medical problem with parents involved. Do not send the Medical Forms to the office.
  • Ensure any new player to the Club completes a Player Registration Form and that the form reaches the office.

Game preparation & follow up

  • Prepare and distribute to all parents a scoring roster. It is a requirement of this club that each player provides a person who can take their turn on the score bench at matches. Ensure that you advise the parents/helpers who are unable to score on their rostered day to arrange a swap with another parent/helper. It is generally not the role of the Team Manager to score as they will be supporting the players during the game. It is often useful to include the names of the parents and a contact number on this roster.
  • Ensure that all players are in the correct playing uniform. The blue playing top is worn in all regular home matches. The red top is to be worn in any away matches against Southern and Forestville. If two Norwood teams are playing each other the first named team will wear blue, and the other red. All players are to present a professional image when representing the club, and non Norwood gear is not to be worn to matches.
  • Ensure that the correct uniform is worn for training – RED or BLUE playing singlet or reversible training top is to be worn to each session
  • Ensure each player at the game has a named drink bottle. It is preferable that they also each have their own towel. Drink bottles and towels should NOT be shared. The Manager should offer drinks from the bench as players come off the court. The on-court players sit on the bench during time-outs and the players on the bench stand up. Do not allow parents or siblings to sit on the players’ bench.
  • The Team Manager is to collect the tickets for each player and place the tickets in the plastic bags provided for you when you obtain the score sheet at the Stadium entrance
  • Prior to matches, ensure the correct information is entered into the online scoring system, or paper scoresheet if applicable.
  • At a game do not allow non-team members to sit on the bench.
  • At the end of a match encourage the team members to clear the bench area quickly so that the next team may prepare for their game.
  • The Club provides a First Aid kit for each team. Ensure that the First Aid kit is at all training sessions and matches. At the end of the season, the team is to replenish the kit. The kit is then returned to the Club office by the date as indicated in the August newsletter for redistribution the following season.

Parents & Players

  • All players are to be made aware of the Club’s Uniform Policy (see separate document or the website). Non-Norwood clothing is NOT to be worn to games. Team managers are not to organise their own merchandise. Refer to Club Policy at end of Handbook
  • Notify team members of any changes to trainings or games. Keep up to date generally with what is happening within the Club which may affect your team or parents eg. Stop Training, New Parents Meetings, SMAC (Sports Medicine) courses etc.
  • Have a fun get together with your team at the beginning of the season.